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REGISTER for our Chicago and Detroit sessions at the JotForm below. Let us know of your interest for A SINGERS EXCHANGE TO PARIS and master classes in other communities.

In Chicago, our sessions take place with a minimum of 4 participants, a maximum of 9 singers, working an average of 20 minutes per person. Auditors are always welcome. Please confirm your attendance at least 48 hours in advance.

Participants in SongShop Live concerts attend at least six sessions within the three months leading up to their performance. We are proud to announce the solo shows that are also being prepared by SongShop participants.

We use a private Google Sheet to track attendance at upcoming workshop sessions and to line up the performers in our salons and group concerts. Please contact Claudia to receive the link.

Most SongShop sessions are 2 to 3 hours. The fee is $40 for singers and auditors $20. If you must cancel, please email or call Claudia (773-509-9360) or Arlene at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel late, you will be expected to pay $20 before participating in your next session.

TIPS for using the GOOGLE workbook:

"SongShop Attendance" is an online shared workbook with separate tabs for Tuesdays, Saturdays, Contact list, etc.

Depending on laptop or smartphone, tabs are at the top or bottom.

Within the sheet, move your cursor to your row. If your name is missing, start a new row. And don't worry about color coding. The Sheet auto-saves! No "submit" buttons.

Save the link. Bookmark it. Tell me if you have trouble opening it, viewing it, or editing it. Any further issues, please call Claudia at 773-509-9360.