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About SongShop

Claudia Hommel's hands-on workshop is an opportunity for theatre and music students, amateurs and professionals, to strengthen and deepen how they approach, interpret, and communicate meaning in a song. We delve into the heart of a song's story to unlock its power, and in so doing, unlock the power of the artist. By elevating the humor, humanity or pathos in every song, the artist and song are transformed together. Whether you come with years of stage experience or only sing in the shower, everyone gets better. There's an amazing equality of spirit as we all share in the work. The professional singer digs more profoundly into the roots of authenticity in performance while the novice is inspired to move forward,and both get the chance to support and guide one another.

While building a foundation of strong musicality, Songshop participants understand that the strength of intention and the conviction to communicate to others is as important as the quality or range of a voice, perhaps more so. Presence and purpose become as significant as technique. Singers of every level can become masters in enrapturing their audience.

We create an environment of respect, a place to nurture confidence and risk-taking. Attending SongShop sessions over time allows participants to fine-tune, deepen and address more aspects of the performance process. We return to a song over time in order to recognize and challenge the "easy" patterns we fall into, and to allow our work to evolve as the world continues to change around us.

Participation in SongShop includes public performances. SongShop is committed to taking your work to the next level. The best way to test and prod the work is to put it in front of a broader audience. Our singers have several opportunities each year to perform in group or solo sets on a professional stage. The proof of progress is in the sustained ovations!

Everyone gets better.

The Mission of SongShop

SongShop is an on-going collective process, committed to truth-telling through song. SongShop expands the performers' expressive capabilities using theatrical exploration of character, emotion and story. SongShop creates a workshop environment to nurture risk-taking and confidence, with each member serving as performer, guide and audience.

At whatever level of experience, singers strengthen the connection to their song and in turn open themselves with greater vulnerability and intimacy to their audience. This openness and truth is the heart of transformation, both for artist and audience. Everyone gets better.