RSVP for SongShop Live

Let’s meet at the beautiful salon of PianoForte Chicago for two delicious sets of songs, Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 7 PM.

Better Together — Being together is usually better, so they say. Songs and stories will provide evidence to prove the case as we offer opera, pop, jazz, Broadway, and a sprinkle of French.

Special guests: Lynne Jordan and the Swingin’ Sisters (Barbara Smith, Tirzah Joy, and Carolyn Broquet).
Singers: Susan Arjmand, Jessie Bolger, Evelyn Danner, Ruth Fuerst, Carrie Hedges, Claudia Hommel, Cristina Marinescu, Gabriel Valentino.
Music director Howie Pfeifer is playing one of PianoForte’s best concert pianos

We are celebrating June 21 as international day of Fête de la musique, while raising awareness and funds for the upcoming Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion conference and festival in Paris.

Call 773.509.9360 for more information.