I Want to Sing!

Preparing for SongShop sessions

Singers of all levels are welcome! Each participant gets about 20 minutes of one-on-one attention to work on a chosen song while we all serve as audience for each other. Our pianist accompanies each singer and co-coaches with Claudia. However, participants are welcome to bring your own instrument for accompaniment.

Each singer should bring sheet music for two songs to each session. We’ll work on one. The second is in reserve. Bring three copies of each piano-vocal score or lead sheet that includes lyrics, melody line and chords. Three-hole punched in a binder is best. Whenever possible, please send scanned PDFs in advance as well.

American songbook, folk song, jazz standard, musical theater, opera aria, art song, pop and contemporary; any genre is fine, as long as your song tells a story.

Bring a notebook and we strongly recommend using an audio device to record your work.